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Join the Rainmakers

We meet regularly at Glen Mar United Methodist Church. To contact us about a visit, click on either link below. We welcome any kindergarten through fifth grader to come and find out more about the Pack.

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Welcome to the Rainmakers

Cub Scouting is a family-oriented part of the Boy Scouts of America program designed for kids in the kindergarten through fifth grades. Parents and kids and other family members work together and within the community to help the kids learn, grow, and have fun.


Pack 874 loves to camp — come rain, snow, sleet or hail. For several years now, Pack 874 has not spent a single weekend camping without experiencing some form of precipitation, whether the briefest nighttime sprinkle or the heaviest springtime downpour which is why we call ourselves the Rainmakers. Our Scouts have capitalized on this good fortune by designing a Pack logo incorporating their rainmaking talents in their songs and skits. Come and camp with us... but don't forget your rainjacket and boots!

Who Can Join?

If your child is in kindergarten through fifth grade, he or she can join Cub Scouts. Although many of our kids attend Ilchester Elementary School or Glenmar United Methodist Church, your child may join Pack 874 no matter where he or she attends school or church. Kids can join at any time during the year.

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